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Swedish Swedish (Relaxation) Massage is the most common type of massage, and for good reason! Studies show that after as little as a 45 minutes session Swedish massage can experience decreases in levels of stress, and support excellent circulation.
Sports Massage
Sport Massage can benefit all types of athletes. Whether you’re on the football field or on the track, Sports massage can help you prep for your next big competition, and relieve many sport related pains. Sports Massage is suitable for: runners, cyclists, cross fitters, weight lifters, footballers, dancers, basketball players, yoga students, surfers, swimmers, and many more.
30 mins for $45
60 mins for $80
90 mins for $110

License number: 8661

Take a virtual tour! to one of most relaxing salons, where our trained therapist offers you peace and tranquility whilst being treated. Come in and relax to soothing music as our therapist provides the perfect treatment. Our massage is specially designed to help people achieve the perfect mind-body harmony.

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About us

Come in and let Wendy provide the perfect treatment. Our massage is specially designed to help you achieve the perfect mind-body harmony

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